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Mission trails

the debut ALBUM

from san diego indie rock band


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"Mission Trails" is the debut album from San Diego-based indie rock band The Local. 

The album's indie sound is based in rock and folk, and also draws influences from punk, jazz, and world beat.  The album takes its inspiration from the storytelling of Bob Dylan, the social protest of Ian MacKaye, the melodic guitar and bass of the Smiths, the alt-country roots of Ryan Adams and Wilco, and the unconventional time signatures of The National. 

The project originated with Scott Walsh and Amy Day, San Diego neighbors and songwriting collaborators.   The album owes its distinctive sound to the melodic basslines and lead guitar parts written by Neal Hedegard (and earlier band member Stefan Raets), and to the sophisticated drumming of Ray Daniels.

"Mission Trails" features contributions from Michael Fisher (percussion), Erdis Maxhelaku (cello), Jay Chu (violin), and Eric Vargas (violin). It was engineered by Neal Hedegard at Left Coast Studios, Daniel Bourget at Studio West, and Grammy Award-winner Alan Sanderson at Pacific Beat.  "Mission Trails" was produced by Scott Walsh, Amy Day, Neal Hedegard and Ray Daniels, and mix-produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Steve Churchyard.  The project was mastered in Nashville by Richard Dodd.

Read the San Diego Reader's feature story on The Local and its album release:  https://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2017/aug/09/blurt-not-yet-big-ethiopia/

Scott Walsh - vocals, guitar, harmonica 
amy day - vocals, piano, ACCORDION, guitar, bass
neal hedegard - guitar, bass
ray daniels - drums
Michael Fisher - Percussion
Erdis Maxhelaku - cello
jay chu - violin
eric vargas - violin
steve churchyard - mix-producer
neal hedegard - engineer
Daniel bourget - engineer
alan sanderson - engineer
Richard dodd - mastering
meteor trail

Outside The Merrow before a show in Hillcrest.

The album has its roots in the songwriting collaboration of Scott Walsh and Amy Day, lifelong musicians and San Diego neighbors who started writing music together -- Amy on piano, Scott on guitar -- after spending time watching the many original bands who make up San Diego's vibrant music scene.

Scott adds harmonica to "I'll Take You Home."

Amy with the accordion that Neal suggested she add to "Where You Want Me."

Ray Daniels on drums. The songwriting process usually involved chord progressions written by Amy or Scott, followed by lyrics by one of them. The music was transformed by Ray's sophisticated drumming and Neal's hooks on bass and guitar.

Neal Hedegard owns Left Coast Studios, where much of the music was developed and recorded. Neal wrote "Long Enough," for which he plays lead guitar on the record.

Developing "Time to Move On" at Left Coast Studios.

On stage at Mother's Saloon in Ocean Beach.

Amy plays bass for "Nothing."

On stage at the Lafayette Hotel.

Recording Where You Want Me with violinist Eric Vargas.

On stage at the Navajo Live.

Ray with legendary percussionist Michael Fisher.

Playing SD GypsyFest, one of the more memorable shows around.

Making "Dawn Wall."

After performing an acoustic set for the Jon Fink Show at San Diego City College.

Recording a live performance for "VV Presents: an Original Music Showcase."

Amy, Scott, Ray and Neal with percussionist Michael Fisher and engineer Daniel Bourget.


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